Instruction book AUDI A1
 Audi MMI   First steps  General operation
The ignition must be switched on before you can turn on the MMI system. The menu of the last main function selected will appear. The audio source that was last selected will be played.
To switch off the MMI system, switch off the ignition. Your settings will be stored.
To switch on the MMI system, briefly press the ON/OFF button -1- or one of the function selector buttons -2- Fig. 1.
To switch off the MMI system, press and hold the ON/OFF button until the MMI is switched off.
The MMI system will not be switched on automatically when the ignition is switched on if it was turned off manually the last time it was operated.
The MMI system remains in operative mode for approximately ten minutes after the ignition is switched off. If you do not press any function selector button, control button or the rotary pushbutton on the MMI control console within this period, the MMI system will be switched off automatically.
  • If the engine is switched off and the battery charge level is low, the MMI system will be switched off automatically.
  • Briefly press the ON/OFF button to activate or deactivate the MUTE function for the current audio/video source Link.

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