Instruction book AUDI A1
 Audi MMI   First steps  General operation
-1- ON/OFF button
  • To switch on the MMI system: press briefly Link.
  • To switch off the MMI system: press and hold Link.
  • To adjust the volume: turn to the left or right Link.
  • To mute the system: press briefly Link.
-2- Function selector buttons
  • To call up an overview of all main functions: press the function selector button for MENU.
  • To call up a main function (e.g. radio) directly: press the function selector button for RADIO.
-3- Arrow buttons /
  • To tune to the previous/next radio station, for example.
  • To activate fast rewind/forward, for example in CD mode.
-4- BACK button
To cancel a selection that has not been confirmed or to return to the previous function level.
-5- Control buttons
To call up a function displayed in one of the corners of the display. For instance, the bottom right control button corresponds with the bottom right corner of the display Fig. 2.
-6- Rotary pushbutton with joystick function
  • To select a function on the MMI display or to confirm a selection Link.
  • To move the crosshairs on the map in navigation mode Link.
  • To operate the DVD main menu Link.

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