Instruction book AUDI A1
 Audi MMI   First steps  General operation
You can use the rotary pushbutton, which has as integrated joystick function, to move the crosshairs on a map, to adjust the sound focus or to operate the main menu of a video DVD.
Important: A map must be displayed Fig. 2, the balance/fader option must be selected Link, or a video DVD must be playing Link.
Moving the map/adjusting the sound focus
To move the crosshairs vertically -1- Fig. 1, move the rotary pushbutton up or down.
To move the crosshairs horizontally -2-, move the rotary pushbutton to the left or right.
To move the crosshairs diagonally -3-, move the rotary pushbutton to the top left/right or the bottom left/right.
Operating the DVD main menu
To select a menu option, move the rotary pushbutton up/down -1- or to the left/right -2-.
Press the rotary pushbutton to confirm the selection.

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