Instruction book AUDI A1
 Audi MMI   First steps  General operation
Creating a new directory entry
Fig. 1 Creating a new directory entry
Entering a navigation destination
Fig. 2 Entering a navigation destination
You can use the speller for letters/numbers to enter an address, navigation destination or telephone number.
Some functions in the directory, telephone or navigation mode require you to enter letters or numbers. If this is the case, the speller for letters/numbers will appear on the MMI display.
The symbols for entering letters and numbers are explained in the following table:
(B) Symbol / marking
(C) Explanation
To highlight the selected item in white and make it appear larger in the selection ring.
Selection ring
To enlarge the character selected with the pointer.

To enter a space in the entry field.
To show language-specific special characters or the Cyrillic alphabet.

To move the cursor in the entry field forwards and backwards.
To confirm a completed entry.

To switch from lower case to upper case letters.
To switch the speller from numbers to letters and vice versa.
To mark the position that is currently being edited.
Entry field
To indicate the current entry.
To show a list of suggestions.
To delete the character to the left of the cursor.
No. of entries
To show the number of list entries found.
List of suggestions
To show suggested entries in alphabetical order.

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