Instruction book AUDI A1
 Audi MMI   First steps  General operation
Telephone settings
Fig. 1 Telephone settings
Media settings
Fig. 2 Media settings
After pressing a function selector button Link, the corresponding menu will appear on the MMI display.
(B) Symbol / marking
(C) Explanation
Indicates the selected mode (e.g. Radio).
Selected option
A selected item is framed.
Indicate further menu options (next/previous page).
TMC/TMCpro symbol
Reception of TMC/TMCpro traffic messages Link.
Telephone status display
Indicates import/update of contacts in the directory/call lists.
Bluetooth symbol
Active Bluetooth connection.
Signal strength indicator
Reception strength of mobile phone network.
Indicates more selection or setting possibilities.
Selection box
Selection possibilities for selected item.
Indicates the path to the selected function/informs about the selected function.
Mute symbol
The current audio/video source is muted.
TP symbol
Reception of traffic reports Link.
Display of copying process status
Audio/video files are being copied to the jukebox Link.
Time set.

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