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Select: Function selector button MENU > control button Setup MMI > Speech dialogue system.
Command display
If the Command display option is activated, a selection of possible commands is shown for the menu that is currently displayed on the MMI screen after you press the talk button .
Short dialogue
When Short dialogue is activated, the spoken cues are shortened.
Input signal
You can switch the input signal Beep on and off during a dialogue.
Speech dialogue system volume
You can set the volume of the spoken cues according to your own preferences.
Individual speech training
You can use the individual speech training to adapt the speech dialogue system to your voice or pronunciation so that the speech dialogue system can then better recognise what you are saying. The individual speech training prompts you to repeat 40 spoken phrases that consist of certain commands and blocks of digits.
If you would like to delete the stored speech training setup, you can use the function Reset speech training.
Delete all name tags
All the name tags (spoken names) you have stored will be deleted.
  • The Individual speech training can only be performed while the Audi A1 is stationary.
  • You can also adjust the volume of the speech dialogue system when you are in the Tone menu Link.

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