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Requirements for good sound reproduction
Please note the following in order to ensure perfect high-quality sound reproduction and avoid read error messages or damage to media drives:
-A- Do not use damaged, scratched or dirty CDs/DVDs.
-B- Do not use single CDs/DVDs (diameter 8 cm / 3 inches).
-C- Do not use non-circular CDs/DVDs (shape CDs/DVDs).
-D- Do not attach any stickers to CDs/DVDs.
-E- Do not use protective rings.
Do not use a CD/DVD cover or a stabiliser.
Cleaning media drives and CDs/DVDs
Clean CDs and DVDs with a soft, lint-free cloth. Wipe the disc in a straight line from the centre outwards. If necessary, dirt can be removed with a commercially available CD/DVD cleaner or with isopropyl alcohol. Please never use petrol, paint thinner or record cleaner, as these can damage CDs and DVDs.
Laser devices
Laser devices are divided into the safety classes 1 to 4, as specified by DIN IEC 76 (CO) 6/VDE 0837. The optical readers installed in your Audi A1 are classified as safety class 1. Lasers used in devices that fall into this category are very weak and well screened, so there is no danger if used correctly.
Do not insert any CDs/DVDs with stickers into the media drive. The stickers could become detached from the CD/DVD and damage the drive.
  • Always store unused CDs/DVDs in a suitable case and do not expose them to direct sunlight.
  • Never use a CD player cleaning disc to clean the media drives.
  • At extremely high or low outside temperatures, it is possible that the playback of a CD/DVD will not function temporarily. A thermostat switch is installed to protect the CD/DVD and the reading laser.
  • Never remove the device cover. The device has no components that can be serviced by the owner.

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