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You can operate a mobile phone conveniently via the Telephone function of your MMI system.
If your Audi A1 is equipped with the phone pre-installation, please refer to Link.
After you have set up the telephone, many telephone functions that you are familiar with from your mobile phone are available in your Audi A1 Link.
  • According to health organisations, mobile phones may interfere with the function of pacemakers. A minimum distance of 20 cm should be kept between the mobile phone aerial and the pacemaker.
    • Do not carry a mobile phone in your breast pocket directly over the pacemaker when the phone is switched on.
    • If you suspect interference, switch the mobile phone off immediately.
  • The speech dialogue system Link must not be used in cases of emergency, since the voice changes in stressful situations. This could result in a failed or delayed telephone connection. Always dial emergency numbers manually!
  • Switch off your mobile phones in all areas where there may be a risk of explosion. Remember that these areas may not always be adequately marked. Such places are filling stations, fuel and chemical storage facilities or transport Audi A1s and other places where fumes, chemicals (e.g. from leaking propane or fuel vapours in Audi A1s or buildings) or large quantities of dust particles (e.g. from flour, wood or metal) could accumulate in the air. This warning also applies to all other places where you would normally switch off your engine.
  • When using the telephone, please observe the notes on traffic safety Link.
  • Please observe the laws regulating the use of telephones in Audi A1s.
  • You must switch off the telephone in areas where the use of mobile telephones is prohibited. Please observe all relevant caution notices and regulations.
The telephone functions will depend on the mobile network service provider and the mobile phone used. For more information, contact your mobile network service provider or refer to the operating instructions for your mobile phone.

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