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If your Audi A1 is equipped with the phone pre-installation, you can bond your mobile phone via a Bluetooth profile and with a mobile phone adapter*.
Bluetooth profile (Handsfree)
The mobile phone is connected to the on-board phone system via Bluetooth. The handsfree system on the on-board phone system can then be used to make phone calls. The telephone functions of the on-board phone system are appended with the text "Mobile phone with Handsfree Profile" in this Operating Manual.
You can operate your mobile phone via the MMI control console Link, the multi-function steering wheel Link or the speech dialogue system Link.
Mobile phone adapter*
The mounting unit for the adapter of the phone pre-installation is located in the centre armrest*. Special mobile phone adapters are available for connecting your mobile phone to the on-board phone system Link. Mobile phone adapters are available from Audi dealers or specialist retailers.
When your mobile phone is in the mobile phone adapter, call signals are sent and received via the external car aerial. This ensures good transmission quality and reduces radiation emissions in the interior of the Audi A1. The batteries in the mobile phone are also recharged while it is in the adapter.
  • The external aerial of the Audi A1 cannot be used with the Handsfree Profile without a mobile phone adapter*.
  • A Bluetooth connection between your mobile phone and the on-board phone system is also necessary when you are using the mobile phone adapter*.
  • In order to use the telephone functions, your mobile phone must be compatible with the phone pre-installation in the Audi A1, and the functions must be supported by your service provider.
  • For up-to-date information on the phone pre-installation (e.g. available mobile phone adapters*), see the Internet (e.g. or contact an Audi dealer.

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