Instruction book AUDI A1
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You can connect mobile phones or Bluetooth audio players to the MMI system via Bluetooth.
Press the function selector button marked TEL.
Press the control button for Settings.
Turn the rotary pushbutton to Bluetooth and press the rotary pushbutton. The Bluetooth menu will appear on the MMI display Fig. 1.
Bluetooth on/off
You can switch the Bluetooth function of the MMI system on or off. When this function is on, the Bluetooth symbol -1- Fig. 1 will appear on the MMI display.
You can switch the MMI system's discoverability for mobile phones and Bluetooth audio players on or off. If you select auto, the MMI system can be discovered by mobile phones or Bluetooth audio players for a period of about five minutes while the car is stationary and the ignition is on. Discoverability is switched off after this period. Mobile phones or players which have already been bonded can connect via Bluetooth even when discoverability is deactivated. Once you have bonded your mobile phone, you should switch this function off to prevent the on-board phone system from being discovered by third parties.
When audio files are played via a bonded Bluetooth audio player, the discoverability option of the MMI system is automatically switched off; otherwise the files might not be played properly.
Bluetooth audio player
You must switch the Bluetooth audio player function on before you can select Bluetooth audio player as the source in media mode Link. To avoid problems while using the telephone, switch the Bluetooth audio players function off when you are not using the audio player.
Find Bluetooth devices
All Bluetooth devices within range are found and displayed in a list.
Bonded Bluetooth devices
All Bluetooth devices bonded to the MMI system are displayed in a list. The Bluetooth device that is currently connected is marked with the Bluetooth symbol.
To delete bonded Bluetooth devices one at a time, select a device and delete it by selecting the function Delete Bluetooth device.
To switch between the Handsfree Profile and the Audio player profile while a mobile phone is connected, select the Bluetooth device and change the profile via the function Connect (the Audi A1 must be stationary). Use the function Disconnect to disconnect the device currently bonded.
Known Bluetooth devices
Up to 50 known devices are displayed in a list. These Bluetooth devices may no longer be within range when you try to re-connect them.
Bluetooth name
The Bluetooth name of the MMI system (e.g. "AUDI MMI 2613") is displayed and can be changed.
Delete external Bluetooth devices
All bonded Bluetooth devices can be deleted by confirming with Yes.
  • You can bond several mobile phones to the MMI system; however only one connection is active at a time.
  • When you reconnect a Bluetooth device that has already been bonded to the MMI system, the Bluetooth profile that was last activated (Handsfree or Audio player) is connected first.

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