Instruction book AUDI A1
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You can store a private and a business destination for any existing contact in your directory.
Important: The directory must be open Link, and you must be editing a contact Link.
Turn the rotary pushbutton to select Navigation destination (business) or Navigation destination (private) and press the rotary pushbutton.
Turn the rotary pushbutton to Create navigation destination and press the rotary pushbutton. A list of input options will appear on the MMI display.
Enter a destination Link.
Turn the rotary pushbutton to Copy address and press to confirm. The navigation destination will be stored in the address card.
Two navigation destinations (private and business) can be stored for each contact. You can call up the stored navigation destinations in navigation mode via the Destination control button Link.
If a private/business postal address has already been stored Link, this address is automatically copied into the Address input menu for the navigation destination. You can then easily use the entry as a navigation destination by selecting Copy address.
The menu option Special destination contains more submenus that you can use to create navigation destinations. You can find the closest service area, petrol station, Audi Service partner or hospital under the menu option Top categories. For more information on the submenus, please refer to Link.
  • You can select the function Show as favourite for the navigation destination. The navigation destination will then be displayed under Favourites in the Destination menu in navigation mode Link.
  • Contacts with a navigation destination are stored in the local memory of the directory that you are currently using.

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