Instruction book AUDI A1
 Audi MMI   Navigation   Navigation  Entering a destination
Important: Navigation mode must be activated Link.
Press the control button for Destination Fig. 1.
Turn the rotary pushbutton to Address and press to confirm.
Turn the rotary pushbutton to Coordinates and press the rotary pushbutton.
Press the rotary pushbutton to enter the Latitude. The first number will be highlighted.
To enter a number, turn the rotary pushbutton clockwise or anti-clockwise and press it. The next number will be highlighted.
Enter the other numbers for the latitude and longitude coordinates in the same way.
After entering the final number for the longitude press the rotary pushbutton.
To start route guidance, turn the rotary pushbutton to Start route guidance and press to confirm. The route criteria and subsequently the map will be shown on the MMI display.
If a destination is not available in the navigation data, you can use any point on the map as a destination or add it to a contact in the directory by entering the position coordinates.

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