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When the map display with legend menu is deactivated, you can zoom in and out of the map by turning the rotary pushbutton anti-clockwise or clockwise. To select a town, move the crosshairs on the map using the rotary pushbutton Link.
You can switch on the legend menu by pressing the rotary pushbutton. Now you can call up further functions by turning and pressing the rotary pushbutton Fig. 2.
You can exit the legend menu by pressing the BACK button.
-1- Orientation: The map is displayed either facing north or facing the direction of travel Link. If you change the map orientation setting and press the rotary pushbutton when the position 2D map type Link and the legend menu are activated, the orientation is changed from dir. of travel to north and vice versa. This setting is stored.
-2- Scale: Turn the rotary pushbutton clockwise/anti-clockwise to zoom in or out.
-3- Distance to destination/stopover
-4- Calculated time of arrival at destination/stopover
-5- Speed display
-6- Altitude display
-7- Display of upcoming turn-off
-8- Location of the Audi A1
-9- Display of selected additional map information
-10- Display of position coordinates of the crosshairs (longitude/latitude)
-11- Moving along the route: This function can be used while route guidance is activated. Turn the rotary pushbutton clockwise/anti-clockwise to move the map along the current route.
-12- Destination details menu: If available, details on the point selected with the crosshairs are displayed (e.g. address). The point on the map selected with the crosshairs can be set as a destination or stopover, stored in the directory and called up on the telephone Link.
-13- Repetition of the last route guidance cue
-14- Examples of selected map contents
-15- Additional information on the point selected with the crosshairs: If you use the crosshairs to select a point on the map, any existing information on this location (e.g. address, phone number or traffic message) will be displayed.
Did you know that you can choose from four different map types Link?

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