Instruction book AUDI A1
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Select: Function selector button NAV > control button Settings > Map type.
The destination is marked with a chequered flag. The map indicates the navigation destination and is set to face north.
position 2D
The map depicts the Audi A1's current location. The map orientation corresponds to the setting in the Orientation menu Link.
position 3D
When this function is activated, the current Audi A1 position is displayed in a three-dimensional terrain model, and the map is set automatically to face the dir. of travel Link. If the map scale is more than 100 km, the map is set to face north.
Any existing three-dimensional town models are shown on the display when the scale is set to between 30 m and 100 m; three-dimensional landmarks are displayed when the scale is between 30 m and 200 m.
The entire route from the Audi A1 position to the final destination is displayed on the map. The map scale varies according to the length of the route. The map is set to face north.

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