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 Audi MMI   Navigation  Calling up traffic information
The TMC/TMCpro traffic messages are sorted according to road category and country. TMC/TMCpro traffic messages on your current navigation route are displayed first.
Press the function selector button marked INFO.
If the list of TMC/TMCpro traffic messages does not appear on the MMI display, press the function selector button INFO again. A list of TMC/TMCpro traffic messages will now appear on the MMI display Fig. 1.
Turn the rotary pushbutton to mark a traffic message.
Press the rotary pushbutton. A detail view will be shown.
To display the next traffic message in the detail view, turn the rotary pushbutton to Display next report and press to confirm.
To display the selected message on the map in the detail view, turn the rotary pushbutton to Show on map and press to confirm. The hatched line shows the stretch of road affected by the traffic obstruction Fig. 2.
To display the next TMC/TMCpro traffic message on the map, press the rotary pushbutton again.
To have the system read a TMC/TMCpro traffic message, press the control button for Read.
When route guidance is active, the TMC/TMCpro traffic messages which are relevant for your route are shown with a red warning symbol -1- Fig. 1 and are sorted by distance to your current location. A traffic obstruction in the immediate vicinity will be shown at the top of the list.
All other TMC/TMCpro traffic messages are then shown with greyed-out warning symbols and are sorted according to road category (motorways, major roads, other roads) and road number -2-. These TMC/TMCpro traffic messages are displayed with a grey warning symbol on the map.
Urgent TMC/TMCpro traffic messages, such as a car travelling in the wrong direction on the motorway, are automatically shown on the MMI display. To cancel the message, simply press the BACK button or the rotary pushbutton.
The traffic reports are also displayed in the driver information system and can be selected by scrolling the left thumbwheel.

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