Instruction book AUDI A1
 Audi MMI   Multi-function steering wheel  Multi-function steering wheel
Important: The MMI system must be switched on Link.
How to use the controls
To switch between the tabs, press the left or right side of the rocker switch -1- Fig. 1.
To scroll up or down to show more content, scroll up or down with the left thumbwheel -2-.
Press the left thumbwheel -2- to select a menu item.
To call up a submenu of the active display tab, press button -3-.
To call up a function assigned to the steering wheel button, press the button -4-.
Assigning a function to the steering wheel button
Select: Function selector button CAR > Audi A1 settings > Steering wheel button.
Increasing and reducing the volume on the active audio/video source
Scroll the right thumbwheel -5- up/down.
To mute the MMI system, scroll the right thumbwheel -5- down until a crossed-out loudspeaker symbol appears in the status line of the MMI display, or
Press the right thumbwheel -5-. Any activated media drives will be paused.
To deactivate the mute/pause function, scroll the right thumbwheel up, or
Press the right thumbwheel -5-. Playback of the paused media drive will then be resumed.
Switching the speech dialogue system on/off
Press the talk button -6-. The beep tone will sound.
Press the talk button -6- again and hold it until you hear the cue Cancel.
Voice guidance
Press the button -7-. The last voice guidance cue will now be repeated.
To change the volume, scroll the right thumbwheel -5- up/down during the voice guidance cue.
The data stored in the driver information system -B- is presented in different display tabs -A- Fig. 2. The following information may be displayed, depending on the Audi A1 equipment:
1st tab
Information on car, driver assist systems
2nd tab
Warning/indicator lamps, driver messages, speed warning
3rd tab
Audio/video Link,
4th tab
Telephone Link
5th tab
Navigation Link
The second tab is only visible if one or more warning/indicator lamps or driver messages are displayed or if the relevant system is switched on.
Would you like to find out more about the speech dialogue system in your Audi A1? You can find a detailed description in the sections starting on Link.

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