Instruction book AUDI A1
 Audi MMI   Speech control   Speech dialogue system  Basic operation
You can switch the speech dialogue system on and off with the multi-function steering wheel.
Important: The ignition and the MMI system must be switched on Link, the air conditioner must not be operated, you must not be talking on the phone, and the parking aid must not be active.
To switch on the speech dialogue system, briefly press the talk button Fig. 1 on the multi-function steering wheel. The Beep signal will indicate that the speech dialogue system is ready. The status symbol -1- Fig. 2 will appear on the MMI display, and a command display with a list of possible commands will appear -2-. The volume for the activated audio/video source will then be switched off.
Say the desired command.
To switch the speech dialogue system off, say the command CANCEL, or
Press and hold the talk button until you hear the cue Cancel.
You can cut short a spoken cue by pressing the talk button and saying a new command.
  • No voice guidance cues or traffic reports are announced when a dialogue is running.
  • The speech dialogue system can also be switched off by pressing any one of the MMI buttons in the centre console.
  • The dialogue is paused when an incoming telephone call is received; you can continue the dialogue by ignoring the call. If you answer the call, the dialogue will be cancelled.

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