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 Audi MMI   Speech control   Speech dialogue system  Basic operation
When you press the talk button the command display with a list of possible commands for the active menu will appear Fig. 2. The command display can be switched on or off in the Setup MMI menu Link.
The speech dialogue system uses two types of command:
  • Global commands (irrespective of the current mode), e.g. NAVIGATION
  • Commands of the mode that is currently active, e.g. FAVOURITES in Navigation mode
The overview of commands Fig. 1 gives you a general outline of the most important commands of the speech dialogue system.
Help commands
If the speech dialogue system is activated Link, you can say a help command. Important commands are:
  • HELP
Say the command BACK to return to the Help menu that was last activated.
Selecting an entry from a list
The entries in a list, e.g. Missed calls, help topics, road names etc., are shown with position numbers on the MMI display Fig. 3. You can select a line by saying the line number, e.g. LINE FOUR or by repeating the entry shown in the MMI display. You can also select an entry via the MMI by turning the rotary pushbutton to mark the entry and pressing the rotary pushbutton.
Give the commands NEXT/PREVIOUS PAGE to scroll up and down the list.
Voice guidance
To switch the voice guidance cues for navigation on or off, say the command VOICE GUIDANCE ON or OFF.
Adjusting the volume
To adjust the volume of the spoken cues with the multi-function steering wheel, scroll the right thumbwheel -2- Fig. 4 up or down while the system is playing a cue.
You can also adjust the volume of the speech dialogue system via the main sound functions (Tone) Link or via the Setup MMI menu Link.
Guided dialogue assistance
If the speech dialogue system is switched on Link and you do not say a command, the speech dialogue system will say Please enter a command or say help. If you still give no command, the speech dialogue system will suggest important commands.
Example of guided dialogue assistance (main telephone function activated):
Cue from
speech dialogue system
Briefly press the
talk button
Acoustic signal: Beep
No command given
Please enter a command or say help
Please choose one of the following topics:
All telephone commands
Important telephone commands
Commands for phoning
Commands for call lists
Commands for the directory
  • Speech control is possible for all main functions (except Car and Tone) that are currently displayed on the MMI screen or are running in the background (e.g. radio).
  • You can interrupt a spoken cue from the speech dialogue system any time by pressing the talk button on the multi-function steering wheel Fig. 4; you can now enter a new command.
  • You can also adjust the volume by turning the ON/OFF button Link.

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