Instruction book AUDI A1
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The MMI system automatically creates a name tag for each contact in the directory. You can add up to 50 personal name tags for address cards.
Important: An address card must be open Link, and the speech dialogue system must be switched on Link.
Say the personal name tag, e.g. say UNCLE JOHN.
When the speech dialogue system asks you to do so, repeat the personal name tag. The personal name tag will be stored in the MMI.
The name tags can only be stored using the speech dialogue system. The name tags do not change the details stored in the directory.
If a name tag is assigned for a contact stored on the mobile phone, a copy of the contact is stored in the local MMI memory (private).
The name must be repeated with the same pronunciation and at the same volume. It is best to record clear, unambiguous names. For name tags with more than one word (e.g. a person's full name), do not make unusually long pauses between the words.
You can delete the personal name tags that you have recorded via the MMI control console Link.

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