Instruction book AUDI A1
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Important: Navigation mode must be activated Link, and the speech dialogue system must be switched on Link.
Route guidance
Say START/STOP ROUTE GUIDANCE. Route guidance will be started/stopped.
Calling up navigation lists
Say LAST DESTINATIONS, FAVOURITES or HOME ADDRESS. Follow the directions given by the speech dialogue system.
Dynamic traffic avoidance
Say DYNAMIC TRAFFIC AVOIDANCE ON/OFF. Dynamic traffic avoidance will be switched on/off.
Route criteria
Say FAST ROUTE, ECONOMICAL ROUTE or SHORT ROUTE. The route is calculated according to different criteria, or
Say ROUTE LIST. When route guidance is active, you can display the route list.
Navigating to a contact in the directory
Say NAVIGATE TO (XY), e.g. NAVIGATE TO "JOHN SMITH". If a destination is stored in an address card, this destination is set as the navigation destination and route guidance is started.
If a business and a private navigation destination are stored in an address card, you can specify the name tag by adding the commands BUSINESS or PRIVATE, e.g. NAVIGATE TO JOHN SMITH PRIVATE.
To switch the spoken cues on and off while route guidance is active, say the command VOICE GUIDANCE ON/OFF Link.

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