Instruction book AUDI A1
 Audi A1   Controls   Instruments and warning/indicator lamps  Warning and indicator lamps
The warning and indicator lamps light up or flash in the instrument cluster to indicate functions or faults.
Audi A1s without driver information system
Some fault warnings are accompanied by a warning tone and/or a message. The messages disappear again after a short time. Not all of the warning lamps/driver messages in the following overview may be available on your Audi A1.
Audi A1s with driver information system*
Some of the warning and indicator lamps may be accompanied by a driver message. The warning display will be accompanied by the corresponding warning chime. The messages disappear again after a short time; however you can display them again: to do so press the RESET button -A- Fig. 1 on Audi A1s without multi-function steering wheel. Press the rocker switch -A- Fig. 2 on Audi A1s with multi-function steering wheel*. If several malfunctions have occurred, you can scroll through them on the display using either the function selector switch -B- Fig. 1 or the thumbwheel -B- Fig. 2. If several malfunctions occur, each of the driver messages will be displayed in succession for about 5¬†seconds at a time.

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