Instruction book AUDI A1
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If the warning lamp lights up, there is a fault in the brake system.
Stop Audi A1 and check brake fluid level
If the warning lamp lights up and the message appears, stop the Audi A1 and check the brake fluid level Link. Obtain professional assistance if necessary.
Warning ! Fault in brake system. Contact workshop
If the ABS indicator lamp and ESP indicator lamp light up together with the brake warning lamp and this driver message appears, the ABS, ESP and brake force distribution systems have failed WARNING!.
Drive to a qualified workshop without delay and have the fault corrected WARNING!.
Handbrake is applied
  • If the warning lamp and message appear when you drive off, please release the handbrake.
  • Before opening the bonnet and checking the brake fluid level, observe the warning information on Link.
  • If the brake fluid level in the reservoir is too low, this could result in an accident. Stop the Audi A1 and do not drive on. You should obtain professional assistance.
  • If the brake warning lamp lights up together with the ABS indicator lamp and the ESP indicator lamp, this can mean that the control function of the ABS is not working. As a result the rear wheels can lock relatively easily when braking. This could cause the tail of the Audi A1 to skid sideways. Drive carefully to the nearest qualified workshop and have the fault rectified.

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