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 Audi A1   Controls  Driver information system
The driver information system automatically collects, processes and displays data. The CAR menu allows you to control special electronic equipment settings.
You can see the following in the driver information system:
Radio station or CD

Time and date display
Mileage and trip recorder
Outside temperature
Service interval display
Warning/indicator lamps and driver messages
Digital speedometer

Cruise control system
Speed warning
Start/stop system
Gear-change indicator for manual gearbox
Advanced gear-change indicator for manual gearbox
Selector lever positions for automatic gearbox
main beam assist*
Seat belt warning system for rear seats
On-board computer display
On-board computer display
The on-board computer has different journey memories:
  • Short-term memory (on-board computer 1)
  • Long-term memory (on-board computer 2)
  • Efficiency programme
The following information can be displayed in sequence in on-board computers 1 and 2:
  • Date
  • Estimated range of fuel in tank
  • Driving time
  • Average fuel consumption
  • Average speed
  • Distance covered
  • Current fuel consumption
On-board computer 1 (short-term memory)
The short-term memory processes the information on a journey from the time the ignition is switched on until it is switched off. If the journey is resumed within two hours after the ignition is switched off, the new figures are automatically included in the calculation. If the Audi A1 is left standing for over 2 hours, the short-term memory is automatically erased when you set off again.
On-board computer 2 (long-term memory)
Unlike the short-term memory, the long-term memory is not erased automatically. In this way, you can determine the period for which you wish the on-board computer to supply driving information.
Efficiency programme
The efficiency programme can help to save fuel Link.
Operating logic
You can use the following to operate the driver information system, depending on the optional equipment in your Audi A1:
  • Controls on windscreen wiper lever Link, or
  • Control buttons on multi-function steering wheel* Link

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