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Applies to Audi A1s: with driver information system
The service interval display detects when the next service is due for your Audi A1.
There are two display levels in the instrument cluster:
  • Service reminder: At a certain mileage1), a message Fig. 1 will appear briefly when you switch the ignition on/off to indicate an impending service. The time and distance remaining will be shown.
  • Service due: When your Audi A1 is due for a service, Service due! will appear.
You can check in the instrument cluster, sound system* or MMI* display whether an oil change or service inspection is due.
Checking the service intervals
In the instrument cluster display, you can look up the distance and time remaining until the next oil change and next service inspection. With the ignition on, press and hold the SET button Fig. 3 until the hours begin to flash in the time display. Then press the SET button repeatedly until the service interval display appears Fig. 1.
On Audi A1s with sound system* or MMI*, you can also check the service intervals in the CAR menu (function selector button CAR > Servicing & checks > Service intervals).
You cannot check the service interval for the first 500 km or so after resetting the display or when your Audi A1 is new.
Resetting the display
Your Audi dealer or qualified workshop resets the service interval display after each service.
If you change the oil yourself, you can reset the oil change display. In this case, the next oil change will be due after a fixed service interval of 15,0002) km or one year.
To reset the display, call up the oil change interval and press the 0.0  button for at least 3 seconds. On Audi A1s with sound system* or MMI*, you can also reset the oil change display in the CAR menu (function selector button CAR > Servicing & checks > Service intervals > Reset oil change interval). After you reset the display, it will show the fixed service intervals (15,0002) km or one year).
  • Do not reset the oil change interval display unless you have changed the oil.
  • Keeping to the correct service intervals is most important for the service life and residual value of the Audi A1 (and especially for the life of the engine). Services must always be carried out promptly, even if the mileage is low.
  • The time until the next oil change is not counted down if the battery is disconnected. If your Audi A1 is out of service for an extended period, please refer to the Service Schedule for details of the next service date.
1) When exactly the service reminder will appear for the first time depends on the way the Audi A1 is driven (e.g. short or long trips).
2) may vary in different countries

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