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Applies to Audi A1s: with manual gearbox and driver information system
The advanced gear-change indicator is based on the same logic as the "regular" gear-change indicator Link. Whereas the regular gear-change indicator just suggests that you change up or down, the advanced gear-change indicator recommends a particular gear.
To display the advanced gear-change indicator, call up the efficiency programme and repeatedly press the function selector switch -B- Fig. 2 (on Audi A1s with controls on the windscreen wiper lever) or scroll the thumbwheel -2- Fig. 3 (on Audi A1s with multi-function steering wheel) until the display appears.
The advanced gear-change indicator is intended to help save fuel. It is not intended to recommend the right gear for all driving situations. In certain situations, only the driver can choose the correct gear (for instance when overtaking, driving up a steep gradient or towing a trailer).
The "regular" gear-change indicator disappears from the display when the advanced gear-change indicator appears.

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