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The set of keys may vary according to the equipment on your Audi A1.
-A- Remote control key or convenience key
The convenience key is a remote control key with special functions Link and Link. The remote control key will lock and unlock the car via the central locking system and start the engine. Press the release button Fig. 2 -arrow- to make the key spring out of the handle and to fold it back in.
-B- Non-folding ignition key
The non-folding ignition key does not have a remote control. You can use the ignition key to lock or unlock the car centrally via the driver's door lock and to start the engine.
Number of keys
You can check how many keys are initialised for your Audi A1 Link. This feature enables used car buyers to make sure they have received all of the keys.
Replacing a key
If you should lose a key, please contact an Audi dealer. Have the remote control coding for that key deactivated. For this purpose you should bring all available keys with you. It is also important to notify your insurance company if a key has been lost.
The immobiliser is designed to prevent unauthorised persons from driving the Audi A1. It may not be possible to start the engine if there is another radio transmitter (e.g. an ignition key for another Audi A1 or a transponder) on the same key ring.
Data stored on remote control key or convenience key
Data related to the service and maintenance of the Audi A1 are stored continuously on your remote control key or convenience key*. Your Audi dealer can read out the data and will then be able to tell you what service work is required.
  • Always take the key with you when leaving the Audi A1 - even if you only intend to be gone for a short time. This is especially important if children are left in the car. They might otherwise be able to start the engine or use power-operated equipment such as the electric windows - this could lead to injuries.
  • Wait for the Audi A1 to come to a standstill before removing the ignition key from the lock. Otherwise the steering lock could engage suddenly, causing an accident.
The function of the remote control key may be impaired by interference from other nearby radio signals (for example from a mobile telephone or TV transmitter) if these are in the same frequency range.

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