Instruction book AUDI A1
 Audi A1   Controls   Doors and windows  Central locking system
If the central locking system should fail to operate, the driver's door can still be locked and unlocked by turning the key in the lock.
To unlock the driver's door, turn the key to the unlock position -A-.
To lock the driver's door, move the selector lever to position P (automatic gearbox) and turn the key to the lock position -B- once WARNING!.
To lock the Audi A1 without activating the deadlock mechanism*, turn the key to the lock position -B- a second time within 2 seconds.
In order to switch off the anti-theft alarm*, you must switch on the ignition within 15 seconds after opening the driver's door. Otherwise the alarm will be triggered.
The system will unlock either the complete Audi A1 or one door only, depending on the settings you have chosen on the driver information system* (sound system* or MMI*) Link.
Do not leave anyone (especially children) in the car if it is locked from the outside and the deadlock mechanism* is activated: the doors and windows cannot then be opened from the inside. Locked doors could delay assistance in an emergency, potentially putting lives at risk.
For further functions of the remote control key/convenience key, please refer to Link.

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