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Applies to Audi A1s: with driver information system
You can use the sound system* or MMI* to select which doors are unlocked by the central locking system.
Select: Function selector button CAR > Audi A1 settings.
Unlocking single door* - you can specify which doors you wish to have unlocked when you unlock the Audi A1.
  • If you select off, all the doors will be unlocked when you press the button on the remote control key.
  • If you select on, only the driver's door will be unlocked when you press the button on the remote control key once.
You can still unlock all doors and the luggage compartment. To do so, press the button on the remote control key/convenience key twice. Alternatively, if your Audi A1 has a key -B- Fig. 1, turn the key in the door lock to the unlock position twice within 2 seconds.
When you lock the Audi A1, the central locking system will automatically lock all the doors and the boot lid together. At the same time you will hear an acoustic signal1).
1) This function is not available on all export versions.

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