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Opening boot lid
Press the button on the remote control key for at least one second, or
Press the release catch on the boot lid.
On Audi A1s with convenience key*: Press the release catch on the boot lid (you don't need to unlock it first).
The convenience key* must be within about 1.5 metres of the boot lid. It does not matter where you carry the key, for instance whether it is in your jacket pocket or in a handbag or briefcase.
Closing boot lid
Pull down the boot lid by the handle on the inside and let it drop into the latch WARNING!.
  • After closing the boot lid, always check that the catch has engaged properly. The boot lid could otherwise open suddenly when the Audi A1 is moving - this could result in an accident.
  • The boot lid must always be completely closed when the Audi A1 is moving; otherwise toxic exhaust fumes can be drawn into the interior.
  • When the Audi A1 is locked, you can unlock the boot lid separately by pressing the button on the remote control key. The boot lid will lock automatically when you close it again.
  • The rear lights are built into the boot lid and disappear from view when it swings open. An extra tail light cluster is provided on each of the side posts as a safety feature for periods when the boot lid is open. If the rear lights, brake lights and/or turn signals are on, the corresponding lights in the extra tail light cluster will also be switched on while the boot lid is open WARNING!.

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