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Light switch
Turn the switch Fig. 1 to the appropriate position. The symbol lights up when the lights are on.
O - Lights off (when ignition is switched off). On Audi A1s for some markets, the daytime running lights* are switched on and off together with the ignition.
AUTO* - The automatic headlights switch on (and off again) automatically according to the ambient light conditions (for instance at dusk, in the rain or in a tunnel). On Audi A1s with integrated daytime running lights*, the daytime running lights or the dipped headlights are switched on automatically, depending on the ambient light level.
- Side lights
- Dipped headlights
Front* and rear fog lights
First switch on the side lights or dipped headlights. Then pull the light switch out to the desired position Fig. 1:
- Front fog lights
- Rear fog light
Headlight range control
Your Audi A1 is equipped with a headlight range control to prevent oncoming traffic from being dazzled when the Audi A1 is heavily laden.
On Audi A1s with xenon headlights*, the headlight beam settings are adjusted automatically (even during braking and acceleration).
On Audi A1s with halogen headlights, the thumbwheel Fig. 2 must be used to adjust the headlight beam settings:
O - Two front occupants, luggage compartment empty
I - All seats occupied, luggage compartment empty
II - All seats occupied, luggage compartment loaded
III - Driver only, luggage compartment loaded
coming home/leaving home function*
This function is activated when the light switch is set to AUTO* and the corresponding setting is switched on in the driver information system*. To activate the setting, select: Function selector button CAR > Audi A1 settings > Exterior lighting. If your Audi A1 does not have a driver information system, you can have this function deactivated or reactivated by a qualified workshop.
The coming home function lights up the area round the Audi A1 after dark when the ignition has been switched off and the driver's door opened.
The leaving home function lights up the area round the Audi A1 after dark when the Audi A1 is unlocked.
Changing over headlight dip settings
The asymmetric low beams of the headlights are designed to light up the near side of the road more intensely. If you drive in a country where traffic drives on the opposite side of the road to the home country, this will dazzle oncoming traffic. To avoid dazzling oncoming traffic:
On Audi A1s with halogen lights, you have to apply opaque stickers to certain parts of the headlight lenses.
On Audi A1s with xenon lights*, the headlight dip settings have to be modified. You should have the dip settings changed by a qualified workshop.
For further information on how to mask halogen headlights or how to change the dip settings of xenon* headlights please contact your Audi dealership or a qualified workshop.
  • The automatic headlights* are only intended to assist the driver. The driver must always ensure that the headlights are used when required, and may have to switch them on manually when the light conditions or visibility are poor. For example, the light sensors are not able to detect fog. Therefore, you should always switch on the dipped headlights in these conditions and when driving after dark.
  • Observe all relevant statutory requirements when using the lighting systems described here.
To avoid dazzling the traffic behind you, the rear fog light should only be used in accordance with statutory regulations.
  • The light sensor for the automatic headlights* is located in the mounting for the interior mirror. Do not affix any stickers on this section of the windscreen.
  • A buzzer will sound if you remove the ignition key and open the door when the exterior lighting is on.
  • In cool or damp weather, the inside of the headlights, turn signals or rear lights can sometimes mist up, due to the temperature difference between the interior and exterior of the car. They should clear again partially or completely soon after you switch on the headlights. This phenomenon has no influence on the life expectancy of the Audi A1 lights.
  • If you are towing a trailer or caravan equipped with a rear fog light on a Audi A1 with a towing bracket obtained from Audi Genuine Accessories and installed by an Audi dealer or qualified workshop, only the rear fog light on the trailer or caravan will light up.
  • Frequent short trips at night place a heavy load on the battery when the coming home/leaving home function is activated. We recommend occasional longer trips or the use of a battery charger to ensure that the battery is sufficiently charged Link.

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