Instruction book AUDI A1
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The turn signal lever also operates the main beam headlights, parking lights and headlight flasher.
Turn signals and parking lights
The turn signals will flash if you move the lever while the ignition is switched on. If you move the lever when the key is not in the ignition, the parking light will come on.
-1- - Turn signals/parking lights (right side)
-2- - Turn signals/parking lights (left side)
If you just tap the lever, the turn signals will flash three times (one-touch signalling).
Main beam and headlight flasher
Move the lever to the appropriate position:
-3- - Main beam headlights (Audi A1s with main beam assist* Link)
-4- - Headlight flasher
The indicator lamp will light up in the instrument cluster.
The main beam can dazzle other drivers. Risk of accident! Never use the main beam headlights or the headlight flasher if they could dazzle other drivers.
A buzzer will sound if you open the door when the parking light is on.

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