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An interior light is provided in addition to reading lights* for the driver and front passenger.
Your interior lights may differ from the illustration, depending on the equipment in your Audi A1.
-A- Reading lights*
Press the button to switch the appropriate reading light on/off.
-B- Interior lights (manual)
Press the button to switch the interior lights on/off.
-C- Interior lights (automatic)
Press the button to control the interior lights automatically.
When the switch is on (in this case an LED will be lit), the interior lighting comes on automatically when the Audi A1 is unlocked, a door is opened or the key is pulled out of the ignition. The interior lighting goes out a few seconds after the doors are closed, or when the Audi A1 is locked or the ignition is switched on. The lighting goes out automatically after a few minutes if a door is left open.
Background lighting*
The background lighting comes on when the side lights or headlights are switched on. The front side trim and footwells are illuminated.
The footwell lighting can be adjusted in the driver information system* (sound system* or MMI*): Function selector button CAR > Audi A1 settings > Background lighting.

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