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Your Audi A1 is equipped with a manual or automatic* anti-dazzle interior mirror.
Manual anti-dazzle interior mirror
Pull the lever at the bottom of the mirror towards you.
Automatic anti-dazzle interior mirror*
Press button -A- Fig. 1. The indicator lamp -B- will light up. The interior mirror will darken automatically when bright light (e.g. from the headlights of a following Audi A1) shines on the surface of the mirror.
Electrolyte fluid can leak from a broken mirror. This fluid can cause irritation to the skin, eyes, and respiratory organs. Wash thoroughly with clean water should you come into contact with this fluid. Seek medical assistance if needed.
Electrolyte fluid leaking from a broken mirror can cause damage to plastic surfaces. Use a wet sponge or similar to remove the fluid as soon as possible.
  • The automatic anti-dazzle mirrors may not function as intended if the light falling on the surface of the interior mirror is obstructed.
  • The automatic anti-dazzle mirrors do not darken if the interior lighting is on or the car is in reverse gear.

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