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You will find further storage compartments* and retainers at various points in the Audi A1:
  • Storage compartment above centre air outlets in dashboard (on Audi A1s without sound system* or MMI*).
  • Hinged compartment at front end of front left seat. This compartment can hold objects weighing up to 1.5 kg.
  • Pen holder in lid of glove box.
  • Coat hooks on pillar behind driver's and front passenger's doors.
  • Please make sure that any items of clothing hanging from the coat hooks do not obstruct your view to the rear.
  • Only use the coat hooks for light items of clothing and make sure that there are no heavy or sharp objects in the pockets.
  • Do not use clothes hangers to hang up the clothing, as this could interfere with the function of the head-protection airbags.

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