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Note the following points if you intend to carry loads on the roof:
  • Only use roof carrier cross bars designed for your Audi A1. The cross bars form the basic elements of a complete roof carrier system. Additional elements/carrier systems are needed in order to transport luggage and sports equipment. We recommend using roof carriers and additional elements from the range of Audi Genuine Accessories.
  • The feet of the roof carrier cross bars must be attached at the points provided on the roof Fig. 1. The front attachment points -A- are only visible when the doors are open; the rear attachment points -B- are marked by arrows on the top edge of the side window.
  • The maximum permissible roof load for your Audi A1 is 75 kg. The load limit applies to the combined weight of the roof carrier, the additional elements and the load itself. Please do not exceed the maximum carrying load of the carrier system you are using. For details of the maximum axle loads and maximum gross Audi A1 weight, refer to Link.
  • Note the fitting instructions provided by the manufacturer of the roof carrier system. If you do not secure the roof carrier system and roof load correctly, they can become separated from the Audi A1 and cause an accident.
  • The use of a roof carrier system affects the Audi A1's handling by shifting the centre of gravity and increasing susceptibility to cross winds - risk of accident! Take extra care when driving and adjust your speed accordingly.
Please take care that the boot lid and panorama sun roof* do not come into contact with the roof load when opened.
For the sake of the environment
The increased air resistance means that the Audi A1 uses more fuel. For this reason you should always take off the roof carrier when it is not in use.

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