Instruction book AUDI A1
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The luggage compartment cover blocks the view into the luggage compartment.
Detach the cords -1-.
Press the luggage compartment cover out of the left mounting -2- and pull it away towards the left.
Take out the cover -3-.
To install the luggage compartment cover, hold it almost completely upright, keeping the lower edge straight behind the backrest.
Rest the luggage compartment cover loosely on the mountings and fold it down.
Press the luggage compartment cover into the mountings on both sides.
Attach the cords to the boot lid -1- WARNING!.
  • The luggage compartment cover must always be fixed properly (risk of accident).
  • The luggage compartment cover should not be used as a storage shelf. Items placed on this cover could cause injury in an accident or if the brakes are applied suddenly.

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