Instruction book AUDI A1
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Applies to Audi A1s: with removable bag
The bag can be used to transport long items (such as skis or snowboards).
Unlock both backrests Link.
Push the bag (with the zip pointing towards the rear of the Audi A1) from the luggage compartment into the passenger compartment WARNING!.
Hook each of the attachments on the two fastening belts -A- and -B- into the corresponding rear fastening ring Fig. 1.
Tighten the fastening belt -C-.
  • The bag must be secured in place with the fastening belt after it has been loaded.
  • Make sure that all objects transported in the Audi A1 with the backrest folded down are secured. They can be catapulted through the passenger compartment in case of a sudden braking manoeuvre - risk of injury!
  • If you are transporting skis or snowboards, pull the fastening belt -C- tight between the bindings.
  • Place skis in the bag with their tips facing forwards, snowboards and ski poles with their tips facing backwards.
  • Fold up the bag only when it is dry.

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