Instruction book AUDI A1
 Audi A1   Controls   Driving  Ignition lock (electronic)
If the remote control key battery is exhausted or if radio interference or a system malfunction occurs, extra steps may be necessary in order to start the engine.
Starting the engine manually
If the message No key identified. See Owner's Manual is displayed, you can still start the engine manually.
Press the clutch pedal (manual gearbox) or brake pedal (automatic gearbox) WARNING!.
Press the START ENGINE STOP button.
Hold the remote control key against the symbol Fig. 1, as shown in the illustration. The engine should start.
If the engine does not start automatically, press the START ENGINE STOP button again.
Switching off the engine manually
Press the START ENGINE STOP button twice in quick succession or hold it in for longer than two seconds.
Drive to a qualified workshop soon and have the fault rectified.
You can call up the driver message again by pressing the START ENGINE STOP button.

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