Instruction book AUDI A1
 Audi A1   Controls   Driving  Handbrake
The handbrake should be applied firmly to prevent the Audi A1 from accidentally rolling away.
Applying the handbrake
Pull the handbrake lever up all the way.
Releasing the handbrake
Pull the lever up slightly and at the same time press in the release button Fig. 1 -arrow-.
Keep the release button pressed and push the lever all the way down WARNING!.
A driver message appears when the handbrake is applied with the ignition on.
Please note that the handbrake should be released all the way. If it is only partially released this will cause overheating of the rear brakes, which can impair the function of the brake system and could lead to an accident.
Once the Audi A1 has come to a standstill, always apply the handbrake firmly and then, on a manual gearbox, engage a gear, or select P on an automatic.

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