Instruction book AUDI A1
 Audi A1   Controls   Driving  parking system plus
The settings for the graphic display and acoustic signals are controlled via the MMI.
Select: Function selector button CAR > Driver assist > Parking aid.
on* - The graphic display appears on Audi A1s with parking system plus.
off - The parking aid gives only acoustic warning signals when it is activated.
Warning beeps
Front volume - Volume of the front sensors
Rear volume - Volume of the rear sensors
Front frequency - Frequency of the front sensors
Rear frequency - Frequency of the rear sensors
In-car entertainment fader - The volume of the current audio source is reduced when the parking aid is switched on.
You will hear a short test tone each time you make a new setting.
  • New settings are not activated until you switch on the parking aid again.
  • The settings will be automatically stored and assigned to the remote control key.

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