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The speed warning function can help you keep below a pre-set maximum speed.
The speed warning function will warn you if the Audi A1 exceeds the pre-set maximum speed. The system gives an audible warning signal if the set speed is exceeded by about 3 km/h. At the same time, a warning lamp will light up in the instrument cluster display. The warning lamp will go out when the speed drops below the set speed limit again.
You are recommended to store this speed limit warning if you wish to be reminded of a particular speed limit. This could be when driving in countries with general speed limits, or if you need to keep below a particular speed when winter tyres are fitted, etc.
  • Please bear in mind that, even with the speed warning function, it is still important to keep a check on the car's speed with the speedometer and to observe the statutory speed limits.
  • On Audi A1s for some markets, the speed warning function warns you when you reach a speed of 120 km/h. This speed limit warning is preset at the factory.

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