Instruction book AUDI A1
 Audi A1   Controls   Automatic gearbox  S tronic® gearbox
Applies to Audi A1s: with S tronic gearbox and tiptronic steering wheel
The paddle levers behind the steering wheel enable the driver to change gears manually.
Briefly pull the left-hand paddle lever --- to change down to a lower gear.
Briefly pull the right-hand paddle lever -+- to change up to a higher gear.
The paddle levers are activated when the selector lever is in position D or S, or the position for the manual shift programme (tiptronic).
The manual shift programme can, of course, still be operated using the selector lever in the centre console.
When the selector lever is in position D or S the gearbox will revert to the selected automatic mode after about 8 seconds if the tiptronic paddle levers are not used again.

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