Instruction book AUDI A1
 Audi A1   Controls   Automatic gearbox  S tronic® gearbox
Applies to Audi A1s: with S tronic gearbox
The selector lever can be released manually if the electrical power supply should fail.
The manual release mechanism is located on the right underneath the selector gate. Releasing the selector lever requires a certain degree of practical skill. We therefore advise you to obtain professional assistance.
Removing the selector lever boot
Apply the handbrake firmly WARNING!.
Pull the boot up towards the selector lever knob in the direction of the arrows Fig. 1.
Manual release of the selector lever
Push the yellow release lever in the direction of the arrow Fig. 2 and hold it in this position.
Now press the interlock button on the selector lever -A- and move the selector lever to position N.
After manually releasing the selector lever make sure you clip the gear lever boot back into the gearshift gate.
If the power supply should ever fail (discharged battery, etc.) and the Audi A1 has to be pushed or towed, the selector lever must first be moved to position N. This is possible after operating the manual release mechanism.
Always make sure the handbrake is firmly applied before moving the selector lever out of position P. On a slope the Audi A1 could otherwise start to move inadvertently after shifting the selector lever out of position P - accident risk!

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