Instruction book AUDI A1
 Audi A1   Safety   Seat belts  How to wear seat belts properly
Always fasten your seat belts before driving off.
Adjust the front seat and head restraint correctly before putting on the seat belt Link.
To fasten the belt, take hold of the latch plate and pull it slowly across your chest and lap WARNING!.
Insert the latch plate into the buckle for the appropriate seat and push it down until it is securely locked with an audible click Fig. 2.
Pull the belt to check that it is now securely fastened.
The three-point inertia reel belts are tensioned automatically. The retractor system gives complete freedom of movement, as long as the pull on the belt is slow. Hard braking locks the belt. The belt will also lock when you accelerate, drive up or down a steep hill or in a sharp curve.
  • Always make certain that the belt is positioned properly Fig. 1 - risk of injury Link.
  • The latch plate of the belt must always be engaged in the correct buckle for that seat. Otherwise the belt will not be fully effective and the danger of injury increases.

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