Instruction book AUDI A1
 Audi A1   General maintenance   Checking and topping up fluids  Engine compartment
The bonnet is released from inside the Audi A1.
The wiper arms should be resting on the windscreen: make sure they are not in a raised position. Otherwise the paint may get damaged.
The bonnet can be released only when the driver's door is open.
Pull the lever under the dashboard in the direction indicated (arrow) Fig. 1.
Lift the bonnet slightly WARNING!.
Press the release catch under the bonnet upwards Fig. 2. This will release the arrester hook.
Open the bonnet.
To avoid the risk of being scalded, never open the bonnet if you see steam or coolant escaping from the engine compartment. Wait until no steam or coolant can be seen before opening the bonnet.

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