Instruction book AUDI A1
 Audi A1   General maintenance   Checking and topping up fluids  Engine oil
Checking oil level
Park your Audi A1 on a level surface.
Allow the warm engine to run briefly at idling speed and then switch off the ignition.
Wait approx. two minutes.
Pull out the dipstick. Wipe the dipstick with a clean cloth and insert it again, pushing it in as far as it will go.
Then pull the dipstick out again and check the oil level Fig. 1 or Fig. 2. If the oil level is too low, add more engine oil Link.
Oil level in area -a-
Do not top up oil.
Oil level in area -b-
Oil can be topped up. After topping up the oil level should be in area -a-.
Oil level in area -c-
Oil must be topped up. After topping up the oil level should be in area -a-.
Depending on how you drive and the conditions in which the car is used, oil consumption can be up to 0.5 ltr./1000 km. Oil consumption is likely to be higher for the first 5000 km. For this reason the engine oil level must be checked at regular intervals, preferably when filling the tank and before a journey.

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