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Terminals for charging the battery are fitted in the engine compartment.
The battery is located in the engine compartment or luggage compartment (depending on the type of engine). Audi A1s which have a battery in the luggage compartment also have a jump-start connection in the engine compartment. This can also be used to charge the battery. The battery is always charged from the engine compartment. The earth point --- is always on the Audi A1's body.
Please first check which layout your Audi A1 has: version 1) Fig. 1 or version 2) Fig. 2.
Note the warnings WARNING! and WARNING!.
Switch off all electrical equipment. Remove the ignition key.
Open the bonnet Link.
Fold open the cover on the positive terminal.
Connect the charger cables to the earth point (–) and positive terminal (+) as specified.
Now connect the battery charger to the mains and switch on.
After charging the battery: switch off the battery charger and disconnect the mains cable.
Now disconnect the charger cables.
Close the cap on the positive terminal.
Close the bonnet Link.
When it is discharged the battery can freeze at temperatures around 0°C. You must not use a battery which has frozen, even after it has thawed, because the ice may have cracked the battery casing and allowed the battery acid to escape WARNING!.
Charging the battery
Only use battery chargers with a maximum charge voltage of 14.8 V (the battery cables do not have to be disconnected). The battery must not be opened while you are charging it.
Important: Before you charge the battery make sure you read the manufacturer's instructions for using the battery charger.
Always replace a frozen battery. Never recharge it - risk of explosion!
Use only the terminals described above to charge the battery.

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