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Always ask your dealer or specialist retailer for advice before purchasing accessories and replacement parts.
Your car is designed to offer a high standard of active and passive safety. For this reason, we recommend that you ask an Audi dealer for advice before fitting accessories or replacement parts. Audi dealers have the latest information from the manufacturer and can recommend accessories and replacement parts which are suitable for your requirements. They can also answer any questions you might have regarding official regulations.
We recommend you to use only Audi accessories and Audi Genuine parts®. Audi has tested these parts and accessories for suitability, reliability and safety. Audi dealers have the necessary experience and facilities to ensure that the parts are installed properly.
Although the market is constantly scrutinised, Audi cannot judge or assume responsibility for the reliability, safety and suitability of non-genuine products - even though in some instances, these parts may have been approved by an officially recognised technical testing authority or accompanied by an official approval certificate.
Any retro-fitted equipment which has a direct effect on the Audi A1 and/or the way it is driven (e.g. cruise control system or electronically-controlled suspension) must be approved for use in your Audi A1 and bear the e mark (the European Union's approval symbol).
If any additional electrical components are fitted which do not serve to control the Audi A1 itself (for instance a refrigerator box, laptop or ventilator fan, etc.), these must bear the CE mark (manufacturer conformity declaration in the European Union).
Never attach accessories (such as cup holders or telephone brackets) to the surfaces covering the airbag units or the areas around the airbags: this could cause injury if the airbag is triggered.

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