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Radio transmitters (fixed installation)
Retrofit installations of radio transmitters in the Audi A1 are subject to official approval. Audi generally authorises in-Audi A1 installations of approved types of radio transmitters provided that:
  • the aerial is installed correctly,
  • the aerial is not installed in the interior of the Audi A1 (and screened cables are used together with non-reflective aerial trimming),
  • the effective transmitting power does not exceed 10¬†Watts at the aerial base.
Audi dealers and specialist retailers will be able to inform you about options for installing and operating radio transmitters with a higher transmitting power.
Mobile radio transmitters
When using commercial mobile telephones or radio equipment it is possible that they might interfere with the electronics of your Audi A1 and cause malfunctions. The reasons could be:
  • no external aerial
  • external aerial incorrectly installed
  • transmitting power more than 10 W.
Therefore you must not operate portable mobile telephones or radio equipment inside the Audi A1 without a correctly installed external aerial WARNING!.
Please note also that the maximum range of the equipment can only be achieved with an external aerial.
Business equipment
Retrofit installation of business or other equipment in the Audi A1 is permitted, provided the equipment cannot interfere with the driver's immediate control of the Audi A1. Any such equipment must carry the CE mark. Any retrofit equipment that could influence the driver's control of the Audi A1 must have a type approval for your Audi A1 and must carry the e mark.
Mobile telephones or radio equipment which are operated inside the Audi A1 without a correctly installed external aerial can create excessive magnetic fields that could cause a health hazard.
  • Any retrofit installation of electrical or electronic equipment in the Audi A1 will affect its type approval. In extreme cases this could mean that you might lose the type approval for your Audi A1.
  • Please refer to the mobile telephone/radio operating instructions.

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