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 Audi A1   Self-help   Self-help  Tools and compact temporary spare wheel
Applies to Audi A1s: with tools
The tools and jack are stored under the floor panel in the luggage compartment.
The tools are located under the floor panel. The tool holder on your particular model may differ from the example shown in the illustration.
Lift up the floor panel until it is fixed in position behind the retaining tabs on the two side sections.
If necessary, lift out the intermediate section.
Take out the tools or jack*.
The tool kit includes:
  • Hook for removing wheel covers* or hub caps*
  • Box spanner for wheel bolts
  • Adapter* for anti-theft wheel bolts
  • Jack*
  • Pin* for mounting a wheel
  • Screwdriver with reversible blade
  • Interchangeable bit (Torx bit for changing headlight bulbs)
  • Box spanner (for changing rear light bulbs)
  • Towline anchorage (for front)
Before replacing the jack in the storage bin, wind down the arm of the jack as far as it will go.
Some of the items listed are only provided on certain models, or are optional extras.
  • Do not use the hexagonal socket in the screwdriver handle to tighten the wheel bolts. It is not possible to tighten the bolts with the required torque - risk of accident.
  • The jack supplied by the factory is only designed for changing wheels on this model. On no account attempt to use it for lifting heavier Audi A1s or other loads - risk of injury.
  • Never start the engine when the Audi A1 is on the jack – risk of accident.
  • If work has to be done under the Audi A1, ensure that it is safely supported on stands designed for the purpose, otherwise there is a risk of injury.

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